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Kathleen and Anissa, oldest sisters of The Burnett Sisters Band, have collected and recorded ten of the most weird and obscure oldtime songs from the 20's and 30's. 


This duet album features Kathleen Burnett on guitar and vocals and Anissa Burnett on fiddle, banjo, and vocals. On select tracks, featured guests Conner Vlietstra on banjo and guitar, and Josh Gooding on banjo mandolin. 


As this project was originally an independent study for her final semester, Anissa dug deep into the archives at ETSU to find ten of the weirdest and most obscure songs from the early 20th century, and spent months researching the artists and their material to create an educational and informative booklet with history and lyrics that listeners can enjoy. 


The girls chose to record most of these tracks in exact format and arrangement, from intros and outros, to specific phrasing and variations of the original recordings. 

"Weird And Obscure Songs From Old Gents Pushing Up Daisies" CD

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