For the Burnett Sisters Band, it's all about family.

Growing up playing music together in Boone, North Carolina, the sisters' sound is focused around the type of breathtaking vocal harmonies that can only come from the unique bond shared by siblings, expertly complemented by tight instrumental arrangements and a bona fide love of the traditional songs they play.

To assign a genre to The Burnett Sisters Band would be to oversimplify the breadth of their musical influences – at a typical show, an old-time fiddle tune might be followed by a Patty Loveless song, a driving bluegrass standard or a soaring a capella gospel harmony number. 

With a repertoire that's equal parts old-time and bluegrass, country and gospel, this Billboard charting band navigates the diverse source material effortlessly, diving into the songs with an attention to detail and an appreciation for nuance that lends an authenticity and a feeling of genuine expression rarely matched in today's traditional music.

The Burnett Sisters Band's musical journey has seen their sound grow and evolve in leaps and bounds as the sisters drew inspiration from each other and the musical heroes they grew up listening to and learning from, drawing influences from Doc Watson, Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash and June Carter, John Prine and countless others. 

The four sisters received a foundational education in traditional music first from their father and then through the Junior Appalachian Musicians program in Boone. In time, they would go on to teach other young musicians in the JAM program as they moved up to playing larger venues and festivals throughout the Southeast and beyond.

The sisters have made a name for themselves on the competition circuit as well, netting first place awards for folk singing, fiddling, dancing and more at competitions ranging from Union Grove to Galax and many other festivals and conventions in between.

With the release of their record, "Long Way From Home", The Burnett Sisters Band has captured a snapshot of their eclectic live sound in the studio, with tracks spanning from Townes Van Zandt's “Colorado Girl” featuring Jacob Burleson, to Doc Watson's classic rendition of “Walk on Boy,” featuring Wyatt Rice. The Burnett Sisters Band's freshman offering captures the polished, professional feel of their live shows that have wowed audiences across the country, and already the album is making waves, landing at #1 on the Airplay Direct charts for the first week of February 2020 and hitting #5 on the Billboard Bluegrass Album charts.

The Burnett Sisters Band
Anissa Burnett
Kathleen Burnett
Anneli Burnett
Sophia Burnett


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"Excellent musicians, outstanding vocal harmonies and an engaging stage presence."


"These sisters are AMAZING! They are talented beyond comprehension! They are graceful and elegant in the way they talk, perform, and sing!"


"My new favorite band. The Burnett Sisters Band has the best harmonies and instrumentals that I've heard in years."


"Saw The Burnett Sisters Band at the International Bluegrass Festival. They were amazing!!! Very impressive and very talented!"


"I liked everything about them, their instrumental ability, their singing, their looks they were very pretty, and just everything!! Can't wait to see them again!"


"Unparalleled musicianship and flawless vocal harmonies and a reverence for the genre."


"I highly recommend them if you enjoy foot tapping exciting music! I should mention as well that they are lovely young women. They will leave you smiling!"


"Rich vocal harmonies. Command of the instruments. They have that sister chemistry thing and are great entertainers."


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